Contemporary Issues

The purpose of my blog is to draw attention to the important issues facing contemporary sex workers.  Because many sex work advocates already focus upon the important issues surrounding the political/legal environment, I have chosen to focus my blog upon the internal culture of the sex industry.  It is also the avenue of the sex industry to which I am the most passionate. 

In my opinion, the internal, cultural issues are just as problematic as the political/legal environment in which sex work operates.  The two most important issues within the internal culture of the sex industry are: the coerciveness of review board culture and the proliferation/expectation of higher risk services which put sex workers at unnecessary health risk, solely for the benefit of clients.

In this section of my blog, I will examine the interrelation between these issues.  Were it not for the fiscal consequences inherent in review board culture, far fewer sex workers would engage in higher risk services. 

For example, in my blog, The True Nature of Choice Within the Consensual Sex Industry (see link below), I explain how many sex workers within the consensual industry feel compelled to engage in services which are outside their comfort level.