Sex Industry Terminology

terminologyThe sex industry uses its own terminology which are often written in acronyms in the online world.  These are some of the common terms in the industry:

SEX WORKER (SW):  The preferred term for an individual who engages in sex work.  Another common term for a sex worker is Service Provider (SP) or Provider for short.  Some sex workers incorporate euphemisms in their advertising by referring to themselves as companions, playmates, paramours, or entertainers.  In truth, what a sex worker calls oneself in advertising is a matter of personal preference.

ESCORT:  Technically, the term escort refers to a sex worker who offers outcalls to clients at hotels or residences.  However, in the contemporary sex industry, the term is used interchangeably with the term sex worker, regardless of whether the sex worker offers outcalls.

CLIENT:  The preferred term for an individual who uses sex work services.  On review boards, some clients refer to themselves as Punters or Pooners whereas the act of seeing a sex worker is called punting or pooning.

HOBBYIST:  A term used by clients who self-identify as frequent patrons of sex workers.  Please note that many sex workers, myself included, despise this term.  Please see my blog below, regarding why many sex workers find the term “hobbyist” offensive: 


THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE (GFE): A session with a sex worker intended to provide the client with a more natural and intimate atmosphere which feels like an encounter with a girlfriend as opposed to a paid transaction with a sex worker.

Please note that there is not one unanimous definition for the girlfriend experience.  Although connection is considered integral to the experience, how it is achieved often varies.  For some clients, the girlfriend experience is defined in physical terms, and there is an expectation for more intimate services, usually kissing and uncovered cunnilingus.  Conversely, some clients view the girlfriend experience intangibly.  For them, it is not what a sex worker does but more about how the sex worker makes him feel.  Although there are varying interpretations of the girlfriend experience, all clients agree that sincerity and mutual respect are essential.

In my blog, The Ever-Changing Expectations in the Girlfriend Experience (link below), I examine how the service expectations of the girlfriend experience increased as a consequence of competitive pressures and client expectations on review boards.


THE PORN STAR EXPERIENCE (PSE):  A session with a sex worker which offers services which are commonly seen in pornography.  As with the girlfriend experience, there is not one unanimous definition; however, it tends to include a combination of the following services: anal sex, condomless blowjobs, ejaculation in a sex worker’s mouth, videotaping of a session.

SERVICES WITHIN THE INDUSTRY:  In the sex industry, there are acronyms/nicknames for services.  Below is a list of common acronyms.

BAREBACK BLOWJOB (BBBJ):  A blowjob without a condom.

COVERED BLOWJOB (CBJ):  A blowjob with a condom.

CUM IN MOUTH (CIM):  Allowing the client to ejaculate in a sex worker’s mouth.

DINING AT THE “O” (DATO):  Oral sex on a sex worker’s anus.

DINING AT THE “Y” (DATY):  Cunnilingus.

DEEP FRENCH KISSING (DFK):  Kissing with the tongue deep inside the mouth.

LIGHT FRENCH KISSING (LFK):  Kissing with tongues only gently touching.

MULTIPLE SHOTS ON GOAL (MSOG):  Multiple releases (orgasms) per session at no extra charge to the client.

**For a full list of sex industry abbreviations, please see the following list provided by Scarlet Blue which is a sex worker directory in Australia.  In my opinion, it is one of the best lists in the online world:  Scarlet Blue’s List of Escort Abbreviations.