Becoming a Sex Worker

louboutinsIf you are considering becoming a sex worker, then the first advice that I will offer you is to reconsider your choice.  Although there is nothing immoral about accepting payment for sexual services, especially if it is conducted in a safe and consensual manner, mainstream society is not accepting of sex workers.  As such, once you cross the threshold of normal society, it can never be taken back.  For the rest of your life, and regardless of whatever else you may do, there is always the threat of social stigma from being labeled a sex worker.  This disparaging label can disrupt friendships, family relationships, and affect all of your future work avenues.  Please think long and hard about the long-term ramifications of your decision.

If your heart is set upon being a sex worker, then please tell no one about your decision.  Although it is difficult keeping a secret, once you confide in someone else there is the potential that your secret will not only be shared but that it will also be thrown in your face at a later date.  Sadly, I made the mistake of confiding in my sister and, within months of my admission, it was used against me in an argument.  Because there is such a negative portrayal of sex work in contemporary society, people outside of the industry will look at you differently once they know that you are a sex worker.  It might not be fair, but it most certainly is the reality.

Should you decide to become a sex worker, then I offer the following blogs to help you on your journey.  Best of luck to you!