Becoming a Client

suitIf you are thinking of seeing a sex worker for the first time, then let me assure you that sex workers are some of the most unique and dynamic individuals.  However, I would be remiss if I did not advise you of some of the common pitfalls in the sex industry.  First and foremost, the engagement between a client and a sex worker is part reality and part fantasy.  Realistically, sex workers incorporate as much of their own personalities into their engagements with clients, which is why seeing a sex worker can be so much fun. 

However, with respect to fantasy, the relationship between a client and sex worker is a manufactured reality wherein the sole needs of the client are front and centre.  The donation that a client pays releases him from responsibility to the sex worker such that the encounter is obligation-free.  But, in the real world, relationships are formed within a framework of give and take.  Relationships are not one-sided.  In the real world, there are expectations, accountability, and mutual obligations.

Although it is euphoric to lose oneself in fantasy, clients must always remember that engagements with sex workers are a fantasy.  As such, lose yourself in the moment but do not lose yourself in your life.

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