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The Rates of Individual Sex Workers Do Not Define Their Class or Self-Worth

catThere seems to be a misperception by some that the higher the rate that an individual sex worker charges, then the classier, the more refined, and the more educated the individual sex worker.  Now, that might be true in some instances; however, in other instances it is not.

Because the sex industry is about perceptions, sex workers can charge any amount that they wish, whether it is a high price or a low price and, oftentimes, it has little to do with their individual character.  A higher price is not indicative of a pedigreed class or a superior education level; instead, it is usually a consequence of branding and, most importantly, the luxury of fiscal choice.

In the sex industry, there is a range of prices, from the lowest to the highest.  Generally speaking, the average price within a given market is the optimum level wherein a sex worker is busiest.  For sex workers who charge a lower price than the average amount can be either: (1) busier because of the lower cost or; (2) slower because the lower price is a turn-off to clients.  Conversely, sex workers who charge more than the average price can be either: (1) busier because there is a perceived exclusivity or; (2) slower because fewer clients can afford the higher rates.  In truth, the context of the individual sex worker and the regional market matters.

However, generally speaking, the higher the price that a sex worker charges beyond the market average, then the fewer clients that a sex worker might entertain.  As such, the rates of individual sex workers usually reflect their current economic situation as opposed to class, character, or other personal criteria.  Realistically speaking, the decision of what to charge is usually made upon one pragmatic consideration: how quickly an individual sex worker needs to make money.

For example, sex workers who engage in the industry on a part-time basis, perhaps because they already have a full-time job, have the luxury of charging higher rates because their monthly bills are already covered.  Conversely, sex workers who are students have limited free time and high tuition costs and, as such, might charge an average amount to finance their bills as they do not have the luxury of waiting for the best calls. 

As such, it would be inaccurate to assume that a sex worker who charges more is better educated, more refined, and/or more sophisticated than a lower priced sex worker.  As with many things in the sex industry, some sex workers simply have more fiscal choice than other sex workers. 

Lastly, I have long believed that class is a question of character, not income level.  How an individual treats other people is the only true sign of class.  And, in my opinion, the classiest individuals treat everyone with respect and dignity.


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