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Getting Started: Where to Work

workThe first step in becoming a sex worker is to decide where and how you want to work.  Please take a moment to read this blog:  An Overview of the Contemporary Sex Industry. If you are interested in working within the full-service market, then my blog will assist you.  Should you wish to be another type of sex worker, then another blog in the online world might be better suited to you.

In the full-service market, the main option to consider is whether to work at a massage parlour, escort agency, or independently.  In my opinion, at the beginning, it is easiest to work at a massage parlour.  Not only do massage parlours have an established client base, so you should make money right away, you will also be in a safer work environment.  And, most importantly, you will be working with other sex workers who are a wealth of information about the sex industry in your city.  The disadvantages of working at a massage parlour include the potential bullying from other sex workers as well as the controlling influence of managers/owners.

Furthermore, I would be remiss if I did not stress that many managers/owners in the sex industry take advantage of new sex workers.  A common tactic is to not advise new employees of commonplace service restrictions (essentially the do’s and don’ts with clients) in order to maximize profits.  You see, managers/owners understand that a new employee unfamiliar with sex industry conventions, will offer more intimate services because an employee’s only frame of reference is previous boyfriends.  Because sex workers who offer more intimate services are often busier, many owners/managers deliberately keep new employees uninformed of conventional service expectations.  Sadly, some owners/managers even go so far as to encourage their employees to engage in higher risk services so that the massage parlour can make more money.

Ironically, although other sex workers at a massage parlour are your competition, they are usually a more trustworthy source of information than employers.  If you want to know what services are expected at your individual parlour (and there are varying expectations amongst parlours), then ask other sex workers at the massage parlour.  Then, decide for yourself if you are comfortable with those expectations.  Please note that in upcoming blogs I will elaborate upon the often contentious issue of service restrictions in the contemporary sex industry.

To conclude, in my opinion, working at a massage parlour for a short period of time is an excellent learning experience about the sex industry.  However, in the end, the choice is yours.  Should you be interested in jumping right into the independent market, then my upcoming blogs will assist you.


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