Duos, sex worker fragmentation

The Importance of Honesty in Duo Engagements

duosDuos are an enticing addition to a normal engagement.  Many sex workers engage in duos with other sex workers and many sex workers have engagements with normal couples.  These engagements are best established on a foundation of honesty and mutual respect.  It is with these attributes in mind that I wish to examine a current trend in the sex industry.  There is a recent trend for a sex worker and a client to show up at a massage parlour while pretending to be a normal, married couple.  At first glance, this might seem like innocent role-playing, but it is not.  Within the context of a duo engagement, the behaviour of a real wife and a professional sex worker are different.  Please allow me to explain.

In a recent online review, a massage parlour girl was censured for not going over the top in a threesome wherein she was unaware that the couple was, in actuality, a client and a sex worker.  In the review, the client expressed disappointment with the limited girl-on-girl action in the threesome.  According to the story, the client and his favourite sex worker disguised themselves as a married couple and then visited a high-end massage parlour, expressing interest in couple’s fun.  The massage parlour girl hired was open to servicing couples; however, she was uninterested in cunnilingus with the sex worker “wife.”  This restriction, sadly, resulted in a negative review from the client as well as the sex worker “wife” chiming in on the review to express dissatisfaction with the massage parlour girl.  The sex worker “wife” concluded that the massage parlour girl must have been having an “off-night.”

When the massage parlour girl agreed to a threesome, she did so believing that the couple was a husband and wife, not a sex worker and a client.  This is crucial.  How a real wife acts in the bedroom is usually different from a professional sex worker.  Many wives prefer the spectacle of open-mindedness to spice up a relationship whereas a professional sex worker, incentivized to look good to the client, as well as other clients reading an inevitable review, will up the ante of her bedroom performance to put on a good show.  As such, there is the potential that the sex worker “wife” will seek to control the dynamics of the room and, perhaps, even push boundaries that a real wife would not.

When the client and sex worker disguised the true nature of their relationship, they set-up an engagement under false pretenses.  By withholding crucial information, they suppressed the massage parlour girl’s right to freely agree to the expectations of the threesome.  This underhandedness was exacerbated by the sex worker “wife” contributing to the downfall of another sex worker by piling-on in a negative review.  Not only did the sex worker “wife” rebuke the massage parlour girl’s restrictions but she also used the negative review as a stepping stone for self-promotion.  First, she censured the massage parlour girl’s restrictions to comparatively advertise her own open-mindedness to potential clients reading the review.  Second, the sex worker “wife” expressed pity for massage parlour girls compelled to see whichever client picked them at the parlour.  She touted how lucky she was to be an independent sex worker wherein she was empowered to adequately screen her clients and choose all aspects of sex work.

It is important to remember that screening, at its core, is about full disclosure.  Thus, at the same time that the sex worker “wife” boasted about her capacity to choose all aspects of sex work she was complicit in intentionally taking choice, agency, and consent away from the massage parlour girl.  When a sex worker agrees to a duo, she does so based upon the specifics of the engagement and its concomitant expectations.  As such, all sex workers deserve full disclosure so they can decide for themselves if they are comfortable with the expected parameters.  Should you be a client or a sex worker who engages in duos, then please be honest and forthright.  Accord the sex worker the right to freely consent to the expectations of the engagement.

Remember: if you actively deceive a sex worker, then you actively withhold a sex worker’s right to freely consent.


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